Welcome to JMJ Tyre Recycling

JMJ Tyre Recycling is the newest business addition to the Johnny Farming Company Group.  JMJ Tyre Recycling is North Queensland’s only Tyre Recycling Plant and is a joint initiative of Johnny Farming Company, Candon International, China, Zhejiang Lionheart Industrial Equipment, China.

Johnny Farming Company is a small local family business in Mackay which was established in 1976 and over the years has successfully operated various companies. Due to the changes in the local sugar industry, the year 2000 saw Johnny Farming Company diversify and establish a company in China, (Candon International).  This is where the focus on tyres and other imported products evolved, offering the people of the local community the opportunity to be able to source products globally for affordable prices.

John Galea (Owner) has witnessed countless tyres littering the waterways and regional landscapes over the years. Because Johnny Farming Company has been involved in the tyre industry for over 10 years, it has seen firsthand the amount of tyres that are required to be disposed of and the cost involved not only on our local community but across Queensland and indeed nationwide. Environmentally sustainable disposal of tyres is a huge concern to us. There are many tyres being removed from cars, trucks and machinery every day, so where do they go? Our solution! A Tyre Recycling Plant that converts end of life tyres and other rubber products into 100% fully recyclable materials.